Very Sexy makeup now? jeez

Victoria’s Secret pisses me off; what more insidious ways are out there to make women have to choose, or maybe make men expect a totally ridiculous made up harlot? 

random thoughts

People seem to be so oblivious…  Sometimes it occurs to me that it must be so easy to eat at McDonalds, shop at the mall for everything, wear what your TV icons wear. 
It has been awhile since I had a cup of coffee…  It has been awhile since I have gone dancing.  It has been awhile since I have slapped on copious amounts of black eyeshadow. 
I would like a second chance.


The quality of your love life will reflect the quality of your character, and character is not built overnight.

I Want To Breathe by James Laughlin

I want to breathe
you in I’mnot talking about
perfume or even the sweet odour
of your skin but of the
air itself I want to share
your air inhaling what you
exhale I’d like to be that
close two if us breathing
each other as one as that.