I would like another girl to talk to.  I love my boyfriend to death, but I can’t expect him to listen to all of my blabbings…  I don’t know, maybe I could…  I have been trying to make friends, but it is not easy. 
One girl I thought would be cool, but I just don’t click with her, so unfortunately that didn’t work out. 
I made friends with one of my boyfriend’s exgirlfriends,and that is cool, but I don’t think that my boyfriend is so cool with it…  Not that he is concerned about the situation, but I don’t think that he ever expected to see her in this sort of social situation. 
His most recent ex, well, I tried, and I think she tried, but then some stuff went down and I pissed her off (well, I wouldn’t know, b/c she only talks through my boyfriend, and not directly to me), and according to my boyfriend, she doesn’t want to talk to me. 
I can’t write too much.  I might offend someone, I might reveal someone else’s business, b/c my boyfriend and I live together, anything I say could be interpreted as involving him.  So now if I write anything, someone might read it and then think, that’s not what he told me!  It’s not my problem, but…  I guess it is.  Yay. 

good bye apartment

Tonight is my last night in this stupid apartment.  Good.