i would really like to say FUCK YOU to those that need to hear it, but I think that I am just going to say that I create my reality, so I guess i can’t say FUCK YOU to anyone

This time

Things have gone too far.  I have to do something about it.

There is a rainbow

The sun is shining brightly today…  Each day I face has a new possibility, a new chance for renewal. I look at my situations in life and see the good that I have; what I need to do now is to push aside the not-so-good.  For over a year and a half, I have been struggling with something that maybe I should have dropped and forgotten as soon as I saw what I was getting into.  But I didn’t.  Deep inside I knew that this is the real thing; the best things in life do not always come easy.  Finally, after months of darkness, the sun is shining.  A rainbow has arced across my mind; a symbol of hope and absolute positivity.  I just need to keep looking up at it to remind myself that this is the choice I made; that regardless of what the situation might appear, that there is a positive change and that just because it may not fit in with what I feel is the right thing to do does not mean it isn’t right. 
I made mistakes.  I tried to reach out and communicate, in order to try to bring together a very loose end.  It didn’t work.  I tried to reach out to someone, anyone, to offer me some guidance as to what to do…  I am still lost.  But that is ok.  Maybe I am not so lost after all. 

I love someone very much, and they know it. 

Is it all for love?

Well, ok…  I just need to get some stuff off my chest…  I hate to see people get shit on by others…  I don’t understand how they can keep hanging around…while getting shit on.  Is it all for love?  Is that love? Why do people do this?  What is the point?  I wish I knew the answers.   People do crazy stuff in the name of love.  History is full of people doing crazy stuff in the name of love…  For this person to persist, there has to be some carrot dangling in front of them, or else why go through all the heartache?  Well, That’s all for now…  Hopefully someone can figure something out already!  I sure as hell can’t. 

money doesn’t help

i love how people think that if they are rich then they have a great life.  money doesn’t make anything better. 

It will make things get better

I was told that things will get better.  I hope so.  The tension is killing me.

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