What my horoscope said today…and other b.s.

"…the less we ask for in a relationship, the more flexible and deeper it becomes!" 
 Hmmm.  Saw this in my horoscope today. 
How many ways could this be perceived? 
I guess that I’m not supposed to ask for anything in a relationship. I guess that if I start asking for stipulations to be met or something like that, then I’m not really in a relationship.  Relationships can be hard, but I am the one that makes it hard.  Sure, the other person may be it making it hard too, but what am I going to do about that?  It is up to them to make the choice within the relationship to change themselves.  And its up to me to change myself if I want to.  I accept them for who they are, or go find someone else that better fits my concept of a relationship. 
Sheesh I really need a haircut!  Hopefully this weekend I can go do it.  My hair has gotten pretty long, which is nice, but it is also ratty on the ends, which is not nice. 
Finally bought this vinyl dog collar i have been eyeing for a few months at Petco.  Very comfy!  Fits great. 
Did I ever tell you that I listen to New Order ALOT?

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