Letting Go

i ask what is in your hand
you look away,
clasping one hand over the other,
bringing them behind your back.
"i hold something i don’t want to let go;
something that i am afraid to lose.
something that i feel no longer belongs to me."
the sun slowly sets.
closing my eyes, i ask again
what you hold in your hands.
a soft fluttering,
the sound slowly drifitng upwards and away.
opening my eyes,
the sun steals away behind the mountains.
standing with chin held high, refusing to cry.
hands empty at your sides.
darkness falls.

when the cat’s away…

My boss is in town so it has been… different at work.  sigh.

The Care & Feeding of A Melinda, Chapter One

  • tell Melinda ‘i love you’… or that you enjoy being her friend!  she likes to hear it and will be quite happy.
  • if you have the last slice of pie, or the last chair in the room, or the last piece of clean underwear, offer Melinda half.  she will decline (unless its real good pie), but she will be touched that you thought of her.
  • don’t lie to Melinda.  it hurts her feelings.
  • if Melinda does something to upset you, let her know.  she is pretty sensitive though, so be firm, but gentle.  she will get it.
  • tell Melinda jokes.  she likes to laugh!
  • tell Melinda a good story.  she will listen
  • if Melinda compliments you, she means it. 
  • Melinda loves hugs.  Hug her often.
  • Melinda cries.  We don’t know why.  Its not usually because she is sad about herself (though it can be), but that she feels sad for someone else, or for a baby bird that fell out of its nest, and wants to help.
  • though not every day, it would be a good idea to compliment Melinda about something.  don’t make something up though.  she’ll know its false.  and, it can be something small; just that you noticed her today!
  • Melinda can be a looong talker.  Unless you really have something to do, please try to listen.  It just takes her a loooong time to get to things sometimes.  She knows that she can be a looong talker.  The update is she is trying to curb it.
  • Melinda likes plain ol’ black tea with lots of cream and sugar.
  • Melinda loves to dance.  Offer to dance with her.  She would love it!
  • Melinda wishes she had wings to fly. 
  • Melinda likes pizza.
  • Melinda’s fave colors are spring/peridot green and purple.  There will be updates on this if there is any change!
  • Melinda is very romantic.  She doesn’t read romance novels, but she loves watching Pretty In Pink.  Alot.
  • Melinda is very sentimental.  She likes to celebrate important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays!
  • Melinda likes to give gifts.  Don’t get freaked out if you suddenly receive one.  she likes getting gifts, they don’t have to be expensive!
  • Melinda likes to chat and hang out.  Call her up or drop by!


Midsummer Fairy Festival

I worked at the Misdummer Fairy Festival yesterday for my job, and it was fun.  I took some pics, so when i can i will post them on my shutterfly if you know my address, check it out!  Anyway.  i got to participate in a circle, which was really interesting, as i haven’t been around other pagans/wiccans in sooo long.  actually, i have never been in a circle with other pagans, much less strangers, EVER!  so it was different.  i actually wish that i could go back today…  but alas, i have to cover for my employee who is manning the booth today.  i know that he is going to have alot of fun!