poopy feeling day

i am at work all day from 10 to 7…  i feel very unwell.  sigh… only four more hours to go!

rain, cursing, and bitches!

"The writer Rebecca West, back in the day, said, "People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat." We’d argue that the word "bitch" is usually deployed for the same purpose. When it’s being used as an insult, "bitch" is an epithet hurled at women who speak their minds, who have opinions and don’t shy away from expressing them, and who don’t sit by and smile uncomfortably if they’re bothered or offended. If being an outspoken woman means being a bitch, we’ll take that as a compliment, thanks."
-courtesy of "Bitch" magazine
i have decided to work on using curse words like fuck and shit alot less, hopefully eliminating them altogether.  i know alot of words.  i want to use those instead.  i use fuck alot, so we’ll see how successful i am! 😛
have i mentioned how much i love the rain and overcast gloomy days like this?  how gawth is that? 😛 silliness.  absolute silliness. 

it’s going to be a long day, and sleeping with a collar on

Today is going to be a long day… i work from open to close all day… luckily i have enough stuff to keep me busy…  so i wore one of my colars to bed last night.  actually, i was wearing it already, and decided that i wanted to see what it would feel like to sleep in one.  i was wearing my big ol’ double strap one, and at first i fell asleep, no prob, but at about 5:30 in the am i was woken up by something and then it was uncomfortable!  i am going to try my lighter weight one tonight and see if there is any difference…  yep.  things to keep me busy.  🙂


so i am happy to say that i got crafty and finally jazzed my kitty hoody that i have been meaning to do for awhile now.  as i am taking pics to upload to the LJ communities i belong to, i realize that i have this kitty hoody on with one of my collars, and i looked cute!  there i said it.  i complimented myself and called myself cute.  there’s a first time for everything! 😉

photo shoot!

today is cloud day!