what if this was…?

i am going to take as many pictures as i can.  who knows what will happen?  i am going to do my best to not take anything for granted.  i want to love things and people just as much as i did when i first started to love them.  i need to sleep enough!  i need to walk everyday, even it’s just a piddly 30 minutes a day.  i need to keep up my appearance!  i want to feel good about myself and have more confidence that i can do pretty much anything i want to do in life.  i am sick of not paying attention to who i really am and then having issues about it later.  what a waste of time!  i want to be able to look back on this and be just as happy then as i am now. 
i love him 100% and i don’t  have any doubts.  shoot, that’s the whole reason why i am wearing this symbolic collar!  i hope he knows that…  wearing this collar is my sign to me that i have moved forward, that i am no longer going to think about the past!  i believe in second chances, in understanding that we are all humans and can screw up sometimes…  but if our heart is in the right place, then that is all that matters!!!!
my heart is in the right place… and i believe that so are everyone else’s… 🙂

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