i really like the ‘snakebite’ piercings…  i think that those are my new favorite facial piercing!  i am so excited to get my rose tattoos done…  i can’t wait to get my tattoo to look better!  i need to go buy a collar for spotty.  matter of fact, i need to just hit up petsmart and petco and do some comparison shopping…  oooo i am going to buy some books with my giftcard tomorrow! 😛 

life is so strange

life can be strange.  my life is especially strange.  i sometimes wonder why things happen.  i wonder how i got to where i am…  am i making good choices?  are they improving my life?  am i happy? 

did you see it?

did anyone see the moon tonight?  it is so beautiful…  i wanted nothing more at that moment than to perch upon its crescent and look out over the world for awhile…