Tired Face

I am going to dip my toe into scrapbooking. It’s a deep pool.  I am going to do 2 albums… one of my travels across the US, and one of all the transformations of my tattoos.  We will see how I do. 
I looked at my thighs in the mirror today.  I think they looked a teensy bit less… grotesque. 
I have been so tired today…  This is when it a tad bit difficult to live with someone, because I feel out of it when I am tired, and sometimes it is hard for me to be upbeat and cheery when I am tired.  So, sometimes it is misconstrued as being in a bad mood.  🙂
OK I am done for tonight.  More next time!

What time is it?

It is 5:03 pm.  Too late to take a nap.  I feel antsy.  Gas prices are ridiculous…  Eating dinner soon, so I can’t just run out and hop on my bike.  Nothing to do on the internet.  I will take a walk later, I guess.  I really need to exercise, even though I did do a 30 minute walk earlier today.  I just don’t feel like it was enough.  Let’s see… I had one of those Spiru-tein drinks this morning… Mixed it all wrong so it came out lumpy but it was yum!  Then for lunch I had a pb&j, and I don’t know why, but vanilla ice cream with caramel.   Then later on I had a big handful of Haribo gummy bears and a couple of Twizzlers.  La la.  I got an e-mail today from Verizon informing me that my phone is on its way, la dee dah! 
I can do some neatening up in my room.  There might be some laundry to do.  I have been crawling through Bonfire Of The Vanities and I just don’t find it that interesting.  Maybe I will go watch the movie instead.  I really want to see the Indiana Jones movie.  I think I left my good razor at Penelope’s in NJ.  Damn. 
Ok… time to go do some good ol’online shopping!


My phone died.  I am getting a new one on Wednesday. 


Blueberry Creme coffee from 7-11 rules.  🙂
Heh I realize now that I am neurotic.  Hopefully I can find a cure for that.  Hm.  Well, maybe I don’t want to be cured.  Maybe I am not sick at all.  Maybe I am perfectly fine, and others are screwed up.  I have been so used to people telling me things about me that were wrong.  I almost fell for it.  Spending time alone is important.  There are times that I need to be alone.  Being alone helps me to regain my sense of self.  I used to think that when someone wanted to be alone, that it was just another way of saying that they didn’t want to be around me, or that they wanted to do something that they wanted to remain in secrecy.  Ok yes that has come true in some cases, but it is not always the case.  I understand this now, because there are times that I crave to be alone and that is nothing to do with getting away or being secretive.  I just wish that I had realized this earlier about myself.
It sucks when you go back home and it is like time had stopped while you were gone.  I have tried to create my own little reality out here despite the tide of memories I had to keep my head above.  I would like to think that I have done pretty well, all things considered.  I go home, and I am reminded of things that I used to do, people I used to hang out with, all that.  I am not embarrassed by what I have done, but the past is the past.  I find it amusing how much people love to recount stories and not consider the company that they are keeping. 
I got my collar.  Fits great.  My family was all questions about it. 🙂
If I want to lose 20 pounds, and on average it is good to lose a pound a week, then it should take me 20 weeks, which translates to 5 months.  Ok.  I think I can do this. 


Starting tomorrow, I am going to have a frenetic week.  I have been running around today, tying up all the loose ends.  The one thing I am looking forward to the most is sipping some Dunkin Donuts coffee under the bridge.  Just me and my bridge, listening to the droning of the cars above my head. 🙂


Had a headache all day…  Finally went out and bought some Tylenol for it… 
Today went by in a fog.  Wierd.

Why does napping makes me sweaty?

Supposedly my collar is arriving the 13th.  Darn!  With my luck, the UPS guy will deliver late.  Maybe I will go to the center to pick it up…  Anyway.  Did a walk today, and some exercises on my arms.  I hopefully will go to the gym tomorrow. 
Why is it when I take a nap that I feel all nice and sleepy, but then I wake up all hot and gross?  Heh not to mention that I was wearing my rubber collar, and when I woke up it was sticking to my skin.  🙂 
Felt okay today.  I was tired most of the day…  I think that when I am tired, it gives people the wrong impression that I am in a bad mood.  Which I am not.  But, oh well, what can I do?  If I am tired, I am tired! 

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