So let’s see…  Hm I am still hungry! 🙂  Got a pretty good workout in…  I can tell that this going-to-the-gym routine is becoming a habit… Yay! 
So I was reading the Editor’s Comment in this tattoo mag that I pick up once inawhile.  At first, it made sense; the editor was talking about tattoo conventions.  He was writing about how the food and drink is usually overpriced and crap, how convention promoters blast the live music so loud that it is hard to have a decent conversation, and how young inexperienced tattoo artists act like they know it all, and the fact that tattooers don’thave health insurance. That all made sense.  But, he talks about how magazines like Cosmopolitan get to flash bare boobs and tattoo magazines cannot?  What?  I have never seen a bare boob in an issue of Cosmo ever.  And if a bare boob is being shown in a tattoo magazine, it better well have a tattoo on it.  Oh, and he also asks why "…do pretty girls with sexy ink come to tattoo events in hoodies and sweatpants? Where are the spiked heels and bustiers of yesteryear?  The mesh stockings and push-up bras?"  Well, I am sure that there are still girls running around looking like that.  I didn’t know that the required dress code for an inked girl would be that!  Maybe I will wear something outre, maybe not.  My body, my choice. 
Speaking of ink, I have a consultation set for noon on Friday to see the laser lady.  We will see what she thinks after she takes a look. 
And no… I am not going to buy this heart padlock that I was looking at.  It  is too big and heavy.  I really can’t stand big heavy stuff flapping around off of my throat.  That is the whole reason why I am getting these o-ring collars… no dangly crap. 
I am sleepy.  And I am hungry.  I am going to ignore the hungry though. 


*drinkin’-a-white-mo-chaaa-because-I get-a-discount-and-because-i-went-to-the-gym…*

stuff stuff stuff

Dum dee dum…  I just dyed my hair.  It definitely looks alot less brassy.  I might need to do it one more time next month.  I am just happy it doesn’t look so light.  So I am only working one day this week, and then I am going to the seminar thingy on Saturday.  That should be cool.  I really hope that I get enough hours!  I need ’em!  Had a really fucked up nightmare last night; all I can remember is there were spiders in it.  In all honesty, I am really not that scared of spiders at all, so I am wondering why in the past few weeks I have been having nightmares about them.  This one scared me so much, that apparently I yelled out and woke myself up, because Frank came upstairs to see what was wrong.  Fucked up.  So I am waiting for my collars.  Yep.  I ordered 2 more.  I guess I will have them by next week…  I am so excited for this Friday!  I am going to the midnight release party for the newest Twilight book, Breaking Dawn.  I am just excited that I have something to be excited about!  It will be fun to see how maniacal the fans are.  I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday, and I swiped one of their gift cards because it has the cover from Twilight on it.  I am going to make a cool pendant out of it, hopefully in time to sport it at the release party.  Woot. 
Well, I am going to get my lazy butt offa here and go to the gym… 

Pain In The Neck!!!

Oh and by the by, I finally found one of those back stores that I was looking for!
They aren’t cheap.  But my neck pain is not going away…


Today was a pretty relaxing day.  I worked this morning, and after that went to Sacramento and hung out.  Then, because it was hot and gross, we all hit the pool and the hot tub.  Good stuff! 


Ordered my newest collars today.  I am so impatient to dye my hair!  It is too brassy and light.  The people at the salon told me to wait 6 to 8 weeks, but I will be lucky if I can hold out for 4.  I have been conditioning my hair really well though, so I think 4 weeks should be fine.  We will see.  I would like to wait 6…  It would be the safer thing to do! 

Did some more training at Starbucks today.  I primarily sat in the back and learned how to use the register.  After that, I went out to the espresso bar and made some drinks.  It got kinda busy, and my manager asked for all of us to make drinks.  It was cool!  There is one girl that works there that seems to goof off alot.  I wonder how much longer she is going to stay employed there.  There is also another girl there that is new, and she takes it way too seriously.  I tried to joke around with her to help her feel less anxious, and I think she cracked a smile.  Not this Saturday, but next Saturday I go someplace else besides my store to get trained.  That will be different! 
I was sorely tempted to buy some shoes today, but I am going to do myself a favor and throw the coupon away.  I was glad that I didn’t buy any, because I really don’t have the money…  Especially since I figured that I need $550 a month to cover my car insurance, HOA fees, and my cell phone.  Sheesh!  I really hope that I get at least 20 hours a week…  I am going to need it. 
Went to the gym by myself today…  My gym partner is away on a trip.  Hehe I did skip out yesterday… 
Anyhoo.  Shower time! 

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