Did some more training at Starbucks today.  I primarily sat in the back and learned how to use the register.  After that, I went out to the espresso bar and made some drinks.  It got kinda busy, and my manager asked for all of us to make drinks.  It was cool!  There is one girl that works there that seems to goof off alot.  I wonder how much longer she is going to stay employed there.  There is also another girl there that is new, and she takes it way too seriously.  I tried to joke around with her to help her feel less anxious, and I think she cracked a smile.  Not this Saturday, but next Saturday I go someplace else besides my store to get trained.  That will be different! 
I was sorely tempted to buy some shoes today, but I am going to do myself a favor and throw the coupon away.  I was glad that I didn’t buy any, because I really don’t have the money…  Especially since I figured that I need $550 a month to cover my car insurance, HOA fees, and my cell phone.  Sheesh!  I really hope that I get at least 20 hours a week…  I am going to need it. 
Went to the gym by myself today…  My gym partner is away on a trip.  Hehe I did skip out yesterday… 
Anyhoo.  Shower time! 

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