I finally got myself whittled down to this and MySpace.  That took awhile…  Man my feet and legs are tired!  More work tomorrow whoop dee doo…

Labor Day Weekend

Man I am working alot…  In all honesty, when I got this job, I thought that I was going to get 20 – 25 hours a week…  Now I am doing nearly 40.  Eek.  Anyway, this is what I am doing for Labor Day Weekend; laboring! 

Feeling better!

Watching alot of Zim.  I am trying to squeeze in as much as I can.  I am feeling a little better today, so I hope I am well enough for work tomorrow.  Ah, yes… work.  I tried to do as much as I could whilst being sick and having two days off in a row.  I tried. 
Visited my friend today.  She just had a baby.  She wanted me to hold the baby, which I did, and I was freaking a little.  I guess I am not ready for babies!  Yikes. 
So I am only going to get my tattoos on my left arm removed for starters.  We will see how that goes.  I still need to do some more research on who I want to do it for me.  Definitely not those losers in Roseville that I went to a few weeks ago.  I mean, is it normal to charge a consultation fee?  I don’t know.  The doctor was all ready to laser off whatever I wanted, and she hadn’t even bothered to talk to me at all initially!  I didn’t like that. 
My friend is selling stuff that she is making, and I feel like this is… a sign?  Like, Hellooooo!  Make some stuff idiot!  So yea.  I am going to make shtuff. 
I slept sooo well last night.  I actually slept through the raucous garbage man.  Yesssss.  I need to sleep like that more.  Hopefully I can. 

Born/Developed To Be Free…

I just realized something.  Remember when you tacked/taped your fave photos on your wall?  Right near where you could see them?  You could stare at your friends, your boyfriend, your crush… whoever.  That was cool.  Now, I have them all scattered around in frames.  Fuck that!  I am setting my photos free! 

‘Til Tuesday

Still feel sick.  Woot.  Got some Claritin, and as far as  I can tell, I haven’t sneezed at all, and my throat only feels sore when I try to get some phlegm up.  Hehe… So it helped a bit. 
Invader Zim has invaded my life, once again hehe! 
All of my lime popsicles are gone.  Soon, so shall the Kool-Aid.  Do they make lime Kool-Aid?  Hm…


Yay!  I have two days off.  I am so exhausted.  I think that I have some sort of allergy thing going on too…  For the past few days, I have had a scratchy throat and all sneezy-like.  So, I am going to rest, and do some fun stuff tomorrow and the next day!

Still got to sleep more

Wow I feel better.  Well, a little better.  I still have a scratchy allergy throat.  Yep.  Doing another closing tonight.  Closings are cool; the only thing I am not to thrilled about is how wet I get from doing the dishes!  Then my tummy is wet for the last hour of work.  Ick.  The house is so eerily quiet.  Wierd.  Man I really need to get to the bank and to the post office.  Ack! 
So this is what I ate yesterday:
*a big bowl of oatmeal
*two reese’s cookies
*an Odwalla bar
*a slice of reduced fat strawberry cheesecake coffeecake
*a tall white mocha (i think… i can’t really remember now)
*a grande passion tea sweetened (I am going to have it sweetened with Splenda today)
*an orange mango banana Vivanno
*a king size Kit Kat
I am going to try better today… 

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