Wow I am tired.  You know what sucks about taking a shower after work?  You still have to stand.  Poo.


I literally have a pain in my neck.  Heh.  I am so glad to be home from work… Changed out of my wet clothes (i was stuck doing dishes at closing), slipped into my snuggly hoodie, and had some mac and cheese with pepper.  Mmmm. 


Who is Essie and why is she trying to friend me?

I have some more to say.

Hm… This is usually the hardest part for me when I am blogging.  I get some great idea in my head, and then I try to express it here, and it always seems to fall short.  That is frustrating to me.  What I have foound that works best is if I leave this blog open for awhile, think about what I am going to write, and then type it in as I get ideas. 
I had this idea to blog about the mixed messages that are present in society today.  I was thumbing through a Rachel Ray magazine, and it was full of healthy recipies and interviews with people that eat these healthy recipies.  Then you turn the page, and there is a full page, luridly colored, advertisement for what seem to be the most appetizing cookies you have ever seen.  What gives? 
And also about appearance… You are supposed to look good, but not care.  How is that possible?  Not care about what?  The label on your clothes?  I don’t get it.  I am going to admit, here and now, that I do care about my appearance.  I care quite a bit.  I like to look a certain way, and though it may not be entirely original to some, I do hope that there is some semblance of originality to me.  There are certain things that I like to wear if not every day, then at least pretty darn frequently, because I feel that it represents me.  Does that make me shallow?  I would like to think not.  I am trying my best to make going to the gym (because it’s free, so yea I’ll go…) a good habit so that I will healthy and strong. 
Hm.  What else.  Kinda lost the groove I had there. 
Gah!  It’s gone…

It’s hot, and I am sleepy…

I ate all of my lime popsicles.  I am going to have to get more.  They are SO refreshing.  I wonder why I feel so sleepy today?  I think I slept enough.  However, as much as I thought I liked satin sheets, for some reason they have been insufferable to sleep in…  That might be a reason for the sleepiness…  I had a funny dream last night that involved me discovering a shop that sold only left-handed items… Being left-handed of course, I was delighted!  Heh.  Man… What did I want to do today?  Oh yea… after the gym, I need to get crickets for my red-eye tree frog…  I really hope that FRy’s can fix my laptop…  Woot, I get paid tomorrow…
I sometimes think that I can help with things, and in reality it is none of my business.  Yea, I do that.  I am one of those people.  I think that I am helping, but in truth I am meddling and quite possibly upsetting people.  I don’t do it all the time… and I am going to do my best to do it even less.  I really mean no ill will.  But, nonetheless, I also do not want to upset anyone, so I will tread even more carefully betwixt the hearts of friends.
I have been sporting the o-ring collars on a daily basis.  Luv them.  Best ones evar…  Redyed my hair again.  I finally got the brassiness out.  Looks a tad dark, but as long as my roots don’t show… Now I seriously cannot dye my hair for like… 3 months.  I need to know how close I have hit my mark on my natural color.  I was hoping for chocolate, but ended up with espresso…  Really need to make myself some new clothes!  I need stuff… and I really don’t want to spend the dough… I am just being lazy har de har!  I obviously can sew myself something… Grr!  I hate it when I am lazy! 


Lime popsicles are goooood.


My comp is on the fritz.  So… you may not see much of me on here…  Hopefully that will be rectified soon…

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