Did You Know Today is AIDS Awareness Day?

More fog driving.  Awesome.  I turned my fog lights on.
I REFUSE to allow the holiday music and all that good cheer infect me.  I can feel it creeping in, trying to make me feel bad that my family SHOULD be around for the holidays, or that I should be around them.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  I am thankful Frank is in my life.  That’s enough love for me. 
I get 40% (normally it is 30%) off for any stuff that I want to get at work this week.  Yus!!!  I am totally getting stuff.  Yep.  I really wanted to get a certain espresso machine, but… that might be too much.
Hair is growing out.  My braids are looking normal again.  All I need to do now is grow my bangs out a bit more, and then get them fixed.  So far, I seem to be okay with not having my hair black.  I think the dark brown makes my hazel-green eyes look better. 

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