The Starbucks Stink! and other musings…

It sucks when the collar that Frank bought for me is not something that I can wear everyday!  Humph.  The rubber top strap, plus the dinging of the loop and dee make it too heavy and noisy to wear everyday.  I am currently redesigning it so that it will be lighter and ring-ding-free.  I still won’t be able to wear it to work, but…  well, who knows at this point?  I am able to wear pretty much any of the ones I wear now!  But, out of respect for Frank, I would not want to get it ruined by coffee or mocha splashes, much less have it stink.  I stink when I get out of work.  It’s really strong.  But, at least I don’t stink of shit!  That would suck.
I have to wash my clothes after only one wearing, since work is stinky and can get messy, I am thinking about buying some new work clothes.  Sigh. 
The ash dark brown is still too light for me.  I am going to do the brown black by Clairol Natural Instincts.  That’s a better dye to use anyway.  🙂

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