Fuck! Poo poo!

I really don’t fucking understand how debts pile up.  I just sent my credit card company a fat check, and it only covers half.  I am going to pay the other half in a few months, but for now I need to knock it down… With money I really am not supposed to be using.  Of course having a Starbucks job really doesn’t cover me as a homeowner.  That is why my debt is so high.  Welp… Frank made up an Excel spreadsheet that I am really going to use now, and things are just going to be really really frugal around here.  I know that I can do it… I just need to be more disciplined… It’s funny… I really don’t buy anything that expensive, or go on any trips, or whatever… Shit I haven’t left this fucking state, much less this surrounding area, for that matter, for almost a year.  But, it’s cool.  I just need to watch every dollar.  Every single one.  Thank goodness I get free coffee while I am work hehe! 😛

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