Busy Day

I opened (4:30am) today and actually ran a shift, with help from my assistant manager Jen.  Yowza!  We had one person call out sick (!) and I opened the store a tad late because I was having trouble with counting all the tills properly.  Jen was a superhuge help.  I am really going to miss her when she gets transferred.  Otherwise, I should do fine as a shift supervisor…  Just that it is going to take a little getting used to.  Another opening tomorrow.  Oh well.  After months, I am getting used to it. 
Finally made a decision on how to pay my bills effectively.  No more late payments on bills!
So I had to get my Mastercard number changed.  They are sending out a new one straightaway.  Apparently, someone tried to make a phonecall using my credit card to pay for the call.  It was a foreign call, and it was only 86 cents, but the mere action of it alerted my credit card company, and they put a stop to it.  They are concerned that it could lead to something bigger, so for safety’s sake I am getting all new numbers.  It is suspected that it may be from where I ordered my necklace.  I am pretty pissed about that.  I ordered a designer knock off necklace, and didn’t know that I was buying it from out of the country until I received my invoice.  China.  Welp, that stops that.  No more ordering off the internet unless it is 100% reputable. 

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