Waste Of Batteries

Ever think, ‘I look good today; maybe I will take a snapshot or two of myself’?  Well, pretty much everytime I do just that, I look at it and think, ‘Wow I don’t look like I thought I did today.’  So maybe I take another shot.  And another.  Maybe I go stand somewhere else, or make a silly face into the lens of the camera.  Eventually, I end up with a plethora of shots that I am not satisfied with.  I remember once I was wading through my files of disappointing shots of myself on my comp, trying to find one I liked for MySpace or whatever, and someone walked by, noticed all the shots of myself, and commented on how vain I seemed to be, much like a fellow vain person that we both knew.  That stung.  I didn’t have all those shots because I was conceited…  I had all those shots because I didn’t look good and I was just trying to find a good one.  And by good, I mean one that looks like how I see myself.  The camera is quite unforgiving though.  It simply sees as it sees… 
And…what’s up with frenemies???
Ever have one?  Do I have any?  Hm.  My horoscope from a tattered copy of Maire Claire informed me to watch out for frenemies this coming February.  Ah, the plight of a Piscean… 

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