We’ll see how it goes with blogging on MySpace… if I don’t find what I am looking for, then I will come back here… Party

Why I Blog

I blog because I am looking to communicate with people.  I think that this is most likely the wrong place for me to blog for that, because only 3 people or so ever read them.  
I like how LiveJournal is mainly about blogging and not about how many friends you have.  I don’t like how anyone can be my "friend", even if I don’t want them to be… That’s why I cancelled my account…
I like this site, but it’s a ghost town.
I like MySpace, and I think that I might just end up blogging there.  I might have a better chance of getting comments and all that.
I am not really a fan of Facebook.  It’s getting way too popular.


* I sadly returned my second dead frog to Pet Smart this morning before work.  The cashier returned my money back onto my card.  After she did so, she told me in a bright cheery voice to ‘have a nice day’.  I just looked at her.  I am getting credit on a deceased pet, and though maybe a dead frog may not mean much, it sure did to me. 
*As I was leaving Starbucks to go to lunch later on that day, there was a young couple heading in just as I was heading out.  The guy opened the door, and let his girl in, let himself in, and didn’t even make an attempt to hold the door open for me.  As I sidled past him to get outside, I sarcastically thanked him for holding the door open for me.
*After work, I was parking Ingo in the multi-level parking garage at the mall to go make a return at H&M.  I get out of the car, and I was just about to cross over to the other side of the parking spot when a some guy barrelled by in his car.  He saw me; we definitely made eye contact; and he made absolutely no move to slow down, even though he totally had time to do so.  I stared him down until he looked away first. 
It’s a fucking disappointment. 


It’s official:  Starbucks has drawn the last straw.  I just read in their online announcements that they are going to start making instant coffee.  Yes.  They really really are.  Wtf?  I am so embarrassed.  I thought Starbucks was all about the  good coffee.  Fucking instant… (shakes head)  Welp.  I am going to stay on for a few months, get all the health care needs taken care of, and then I have a couple of options: I am going to apply to Peet’s Coffee, and I am also going to go to a temp agency and see what I can get.  Fuck this.  Instant coffee.  Yeesh.

Back To Work

Welp the other frog died too.  Wtf?  I don’t get it.  I am considering the fact that maybe there is something in the tank that is killing them, like mold or something, but… the other frog is fine.  Hm.  Right now I am watching Weekend At Bernie’s and cooking up my dinner for work tonight.  Valentine’s Day was cool.  I wore a red ribbon as a choker and an all red outfit all day.  Woot!  My birthday is coming up, so I wonder what I am going to get prezzie-wise…  I really want to get the hell out of this area for my birthday, but I wonder if that is going to happen.  Well… if I drive, then it will happen…  Maybe that’s what I will do…

Back To The House Of Pain

Ok… Frog is going back to the petshop.  Not looking like it is going to make it.  Fuck! 
Just bought my first pair of running shoes.  Since this was my first pair, and I really don’t know where this running concept is going to end up, I wanted to play conservative.  I got a pair that cost me under $60.  Beats the pair I was trying on earlier today for $115.  And… it’s still a New Balance shoe, so I don’t think that I bought a cheap ass shoe…

Wierd Stuff!

First of all, Frank and I woke up to a virtual downppour of rain at 4am!  Gawd it was loud!  We couldn’t go back to sleep. 
When I did fall back asleep, I woke up to get ready for my physical therapy appointment.  As I was getting ready, I checked on my new frogs.  One of them was on its back in what looked like the last throes of death!  I didn’t know what to do.  Since I wasn’t sure, I let it lie in the tank to see how it fared when I returned.
The spinal rejuvenation table SUCKED today.  I was in tears by the end of it.
I returned home, and the frog looked fine!  Wtf.  I am going to go check it in a bit on my way upstairs. 
Yay I can’t wait for tomorrow!  Got a couple of things happening, neither of which I know the ending to!  Exciting!
I like the movie Dan In Real Life.

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