Today is… what, Friday?  Yep, I am off of work.  I am off tomorrow as well.  I am just sitting around, nothing to do, too tired to really do anything, nowhere to really go, noone to hang out with.
Right now it is… 4:26 in the afternoon, and I am wiped out.  Unbelievable.  I pulled myself out of bed after trying to sleep for the past hour to get out and walk Maggie.  She didn’t want to be out, but I got her to walk enough.  I finished my first full week of physical therapy.  Yeesh.  I thought it would be about an hour, but it actually is an hour and a half.  4 times a week.  As if Starbucks isn’t bad enough to tire me out… Now I have this to tire me out too.  I really really need to make sure that I get enough sleep.  I had about 6 hours of sleep or so last night… no wonder I am so exhausted right now. 
The big question… what is the point to life? All I seem to do is go to work, come home and be tired.  Everything that I want to do will cost me $$$.  There really is nothing to fucking do of any interest out here.  Sigh. 
Well… I guess I will try to get some sleep.  I am so fucking sick of feeling tired all the time.

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