Yep I Wear Purple Velvet Collars… What Else Would You Like To Know?

In the job department: got spoken to today because things weren’t running smoothly, and I definitely felt "off".  Maybe it was because it was my first open in a couple of weeks…  I am just going to try not to dwell too much on my feelings about working at Starbuck’s…  Anyhoo, I also got rejected by Macy’s… No idea why.  Kinda wondering what to do next. 
Snagged a couple of hours of "alone time" tonight.  Trying to relax so that I can get to sleep, since I have another open tomorrow a.m. … 
Feel kinda wierd.  I guess I feel… a little down.  Most likely due to work today.  I can’t be bothered to hop in the shower… I much rather take one straight after work, since the Starbuck’s stink is so pervasive.
Left a message at the physical therapist’s office.  They owe me a partial refund and they are taking their sweet ol’ time.  Thus, the message tonight.  I really don’t know how people can keep businesses running.  Before all this happened, I referred someone I know to their office for a "complimentary" visit… Which ended up costing them $25.  They got their $$$ refunded, but now they are never going to step foot into their office again.  So, they lost a potential customer.  Dumb. 

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