Fuck The Mainstream

I just want be myself.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to do something just for the sake of being different.  I have always been different… I never fit in.  I was always doing something that prevented me from being part of something bigger than myself… I didn’t do it on purpose… I just did it.  I hated it when I would do something, and then get yelled at for it.  And yes, I change.  Don’t we all?  We are people, and people can never truly remain static…  Shit, take one look at how are bodies look… long legs and arms… We were made to run and walk and be out in the world… At the same time, I am quite sure that things I do are also things that others do.  Some people I am aware of do the same things, most of them I am not aware of at all…  Don’t compare me… It won’t work… I go through phases… But essentially, I am still the same… Maybe I like what you do.  Maybe I will try it out for myself.  Maybe I will like it and adopt it into my little world.  Maybe I will keep it exactly the same.  Maybe I will change it a bit to better suit my needs.  Maybe I will reject it because it does not fit into my life… Does this make me any less of me?  I would think not.  I never used to ask anyone’s opinion on what I did.  I really don’t think that I need to…  I am certain that I can think for myself…  It is sad to say, but there was a time when that particular statement was hard for me to believe… 
But I believe it now.

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