So I have Facebook and MySpace.  Yeah, laugh at me if you want, but yeah, I got both of them.  I keep Facebook because it is popular, and I am reconnecting with alot of people.  I find it very disconcerting that so far, I am in the minority group of being childless.  Wtf?  Pretty much everyone I know has children.  Except me.  Should I want children?  I don’t right now.  Problem is… I am not getting any younger.  Oh well.
So I need to admit to the fact that I overthink stuff.  Sigh.  I apologise to anyone that I called/e-mailed and went on and on about something they did that bothered me days/weeks/months/years ago.  Sorry.  I really need to work on that.
Um… work makes me tired.  Yeah.
And… I realized that my stomach muscles are weak.  Sit ups everyday, folks.

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