Coffee Master teachings and other thoughts

Today I started my learning journey to become a Coffee Master.  It was so exciting!  I can’t wait for the perks that come with being a Coffee Master.  I get a cool black apron for starters; then I also found out that I get free samples of Black Apron Exclusives.  Woot! 
I have tomorrow off… I need to buy myself a pair of slip-resistant shoes.  My all black Chucks have seen better days.  It works out for the best… I no longer want to wear Chucks anyhow. 
So I stop by my local Starbucks to get a nice iced soy chai… They are so cool there.  They hook me up with free drinks!  Love those guys.  Anyway.  I see a girl that I used to hang out with, and she tells me that she now lives with her parents who live across the street from me.  She tells me that she got a DUI, so now she is house-bound, except for when her parents drive her, or when she takes her bicycle out.  I don’t know if she got the message or not, but I looked her in the eye, and told her that someone very close to me nearly died from driving drunk.  I don’t know if she was listening.  In other words, if you understand that what you did was totally fucking stupid, and you have learned your lesson, then we can hang out.  But if not… Then go find some other sap to hang out with.  I don’t like people hanging out with me just because they are all alone and have noone else.  Ick.  Also, I don’t like hanging out with people that think driving drunk or high is perfectly ok.  It isn’t.  To think that someone like that is on the road, fucked up, and there I am driving home…
Oh, and I really really need to order some cuffs.  Oi.  Got to have snap closure; I wore one of my big ol’ purple cuffs today… Omg it was annoying!

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  1. Jamie
    Jun 30, 2009 @ 21:10:57



  2. foofie
    Jul 01, 2009 @ 19:58:44

    well, I don\’t want to say her name, but that girl you don\’t like that you went to school with that I know? does that ring a bell?


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