Thoughts on a Thursday

Invited two people yesterday IN PERSON, FACE TO FACE, to have breakfast this morning at Venita Rhea’s, and they both were like YES.  Both bailed.  Ha.  Obssessed with the eternity collars… please oh please i hope i get one for my anni coming up…  Hit the gym and did the elliptical machine.  Whoah.  Walked across the street and got a caramel frappucino light with an added shot to cool off and to keep myself from getting tired.  Stared at a bunch of really cool DJ equipment today.  I was THIS close to buying ALOT of stuff.  I need to really think about it.  I think that I would like to buy a new bathing suit.  A tankini.  I haven’t worn a suit yet this summer.  Sad.  And lame.  I decided that I am going to support the existence of the Suicide Girls.  But, there are enough nekkid pics to compare myself to online for free so I don’t need to buy the coffee table book.  So, I will support them via wearing tees and hoodies and all that.  🙂  Hoooooodiiiiieeeees…



Went to bed last night at midnight.  Got up today at 10:30am.  Wow, I was tired, I guess!  Left for work at noon.  Had some dickhead customer yell at me, because I wouldn’t do something against company policy for him.  Worked overtime because it was only me and one other person closing, instead of 3 as it should have been.  Got home, and immediately took a shower.  After typing this, I am going to chill for a few minutes and then go to bed.  Gotta be up at 6am to be at work by 7. 
Wore my rubber cuff in the shower.  I like that I don’t have to take it off.  Wish that I could wear my pretty purple cuff to work, but I noticed the last time I wore it there that it was getting wet and that can’t be good.  Darn.


So tired!  Bla.  I feel good mentally… just tired!


It is sooo frustrating when I get all worked up about stuff that I want to improve in my life, then I cry about it, and then… I get over it and try to make life better.  Bah.


I feel sad today.  I feel like I am trying to do the right thing, but at the same time…  I feel like I am wasting my day today.  Kinda.  I did do two things that I really wanted to get done.  But… I know someone was trying to get my attention today, and… I didn’t pick up on it until they were gone. 


Got my cuffs in and they look AWESOME.  Yays!  They fixed my cuff perfectly.  Got a locking rubber one too.  🙂  Fetish, anyone? lala! 
Why is it so easy to be racist, but so hard not to be?  I am tired of piping up.  I don’t want to be the silent one that lets stuff pass by.  But then again, they will never hear it.  People I know are too smart to utter anything in front of someone. 
I um… can’t find my store keys.  I have tomorrow off, so I really hope that I will find them.
I would like to move to half moon bay… Or, some place like it.  🙂

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