UPS brought me stuffs

My new work shoes are awesome.  I just gleefully threw away my Chucks.  They were totally thrashed.  My cuff didn’t turn out as expected.  I sent them an e-mail about it, so I am hoping that they will rectify the situation. 
So, it looks like work will be four days a week, eight or so hours a day.  I can work with that… Three days off a week will help me get back on track. 
Welp, time to go to bed.  I need to get up early to call the mechanic, since the Audi has a "check engine" light on.  Hopefully nothing too serious!
Oh yea, I forgot to add that I was at the park today, figuring out how to start playing frisbee golf, and this couple was fighting about who knows what; all I know is, the guy was being very loud, swearing alot, and when he threw his soda bottle on the ground, causing it to pop, I looked over to assess what was going on.  He looked at me and started yelling at me.  I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to hit his girlfriend, and then I looked away.  White trash.  Sigh.

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