Eternity Collar Review, Pt. 4

Ok.  I received the stainless steel exchange today.  I hesitantly pulled it out of the package, not sure what to expect.  No odor whatsoever!  Boy is it SHINY compared to the matte black one.  But, no freaking odor.  Thank goodness.  That was driving me nuts.  Also, he was cool enough to provide me with an allen key set up as a keychain, so that I won’t lose it!  Usually one has to pay $$$ for that.  I got it for FREE.  Eternity Collars ROCKS.  He also said that if he gets any requests for jewelry, he will send them to my site.  AWESOME. 

Retail Therapy

Today went well.  It was really hot, and I felt every degree.  All 103 of them.  My search for a cervical pillow was fruitless.  I will have to buy it off the internet.  It’s funny how I buy so many things off of the internet.  Thank you internet, for providing me with access to the coolest shit in the world!  If things go well, I will be getting my new eternity collar TOMORROW.  Hope springs eternal. 
Anyway.  Hung out in Sacramento all day.  Scored a really fun book, and a pair of awesome vegan shoes.  At Macy’s of all places!!! 

Thursday night.

Hm.  Before I had to go to work today, I freaked out.  Yelling, getting angry with every inanimate object in my way, scaring the crap out of Frank.  I don’t really know how it escalated so quickly and with such venom.  I fucking hate it.  By the time I made it into work, I felt numb.  It’s like, one moment I was screaming, literally just screaming in my car, and then the next, I am standing blankly at my register, fiddling with my apron.  Sigh.  I figured out that this is a very long delayed reaction to what happened years ago.  Wow.  It has been that long.  And all this time, I squashed it.  So, I am relieved that I can at least know where it is coming from.  I guess it just has to happen. 
In other news, I am going to have a talk with Craig tomorrow.  I pretty much screwed up whatever rekindled friendship there was, according to him.  So, I don’t see it being too much of a talk.  Whatever.  I just want some closure on the issue so that I can either push it away, or who knows… maybe he will see that I am going through alot of shit, and his reappearance was just really bad timing and maybe he will be sympathetic to that.  We’ll see.  At this point, I don’t want to be bothered. 
So tomorrow, I am going to spend the day alone.  I have plans to wrap up a few things, to hang out in Sacramento… 
I just need to take the first steps towards making myself someone I would respect. 

Eternity Collar Review, Pt. 3

So, I reluctantly had Frank take my collar off (yea I was having some trouble couldn’t do it myself), and I am going to ship it back for one of their original polished steel ones.  After much looking around online and feedback from the company, it looks like the original polished one will be the best choice.  Oh well.  The chemicals that they used to blacken it were just too strong, since my expectation is to wear it 24-7.  Also, it appears that the particular chemical blackening process that is used also encourages a bit of rusting, which won’t work for me.  Too bad!  But at least this way I won’t have people near me asking where that "funny" odor is coming from lol!
Issue is, there are 3 different addresses, according to my count.  I e-mailed them to please tell me which one is most current.  Hopefully I will get a reply by tomorrow… I would like to get an exchange as soon as possible 🙂

Eternity Collar Review, Pt. 2

So I slept in my collar.  Awesome.  Didn’t feel a thing.  The smell is greatly reduced, so in time that will dissipate, I am sure.  I just need to settle on the Phantom one I have now, or if I should get the polished one.  I thought that the Phantom line would be… darker.  It is a matte charcoal color, which is cool, but not what I expected.  But… yea the polished one might be too damn shiny.  I am sticking with this one, nevermind hehe…
Went to Mimi’s for breakfast.  I had the stuffed blueberry french toast, and delicous though it was, I am going to stick with the Belgian waffle from now on. I also need to remember to bring a book or newspaper to read when I am having breakfast… I feel so lost when I can’t read my paper with my coffee! 
Welp, I am all dressed for work… got to be there at 12:30… I am the shift on tonight so no going home early for me… I am going to bring something to read though for my breaks, no calling ANYONE (though texting is always ok… no need to speak), and I am also going to relax and work on my Coffee Master training while it is quiet.  Screw working.

Eternity Collar REview, Pt. 1

I got my eternity collar in today.  Heavy as it is, it fits great and I barely feel it.  Issues: it smells.  When I pulled it out of the envelope, I was hit with a strong metallic odor.  I also noticed some rust (!) on it.  Frank and I figured out that it was most likely because of the process in which it was it was blackened, since it is supposed to be blackened stainless steel.  I am going to give it some time.  As much as I love it, if this metallic smell doesn’t abate, then I might have to go with the traditional polished one.  We’ll see.


Wow.  I weigh about 151 now.  Amazinghow much water weight one can carry.  I just got to keep up the good work.  I really hope i can get back down to 130.  I really really do.  I just don’t want to starve myself, but as I have seen from the past few days I can certainly go hungry for a bit with no ill effects.  I was kinda wondering about that.

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