Eternity Collar Review, Pt. 2

So I slept in my collar.  Awesome.  Didn’t feel a thing.  The smell is greatly reduced, so in time that will dissipate, I am sure.  I just need to settle on the Phantom one I have now, or if I should get the polished one.  I thought that the Phantom line would be… darker.  It is a matte charcoal color, which is cool, but not what I expected.  But… yea the polished one might be too damn shiny.  I am sticking with this one, nevermind hehe…
Went to Mimi’s for breakfast.  I had the stuffed blueberry french toast, and delicous though it was, I am going to stick with the Belgian waffle from now on. I also need to remember to bring a book or newspaper to read when I am having breakfast… I feel so lost when I can’t read my paper with my coffee! 
Welp, I am all dressed for work… got to be there at 12:30… I am the shift on tonight so no going home early for me… I am going to bring something to read though for my breaks, no calling ANYONE (though texting is always ok… no need to speak), and I am also going to relax and work on my Coffee Master training while it is quiet.  Screw working.

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