A Fruitless Morning

I went to Placer Spine And Body yesterday to drop off some paperwork, because in all fairness, they totally owe me alot of money, and it has been months.  I am talking like, more than 6.  This is ridiculous.  I was talking to Frank about this, and he is right; Northern Californians are just dumb people.  They are just too dumb to figure stuff out.  I have been waiting and waiting, and no phone call, nothing from them.  As soon as I get my refund and I put it back on my credit card, I am totally going to badmouth them to everyone I see, all over the internet, to the Better Business Bureau… wherever I can.  They are total morons.  I purposely woke up early in hopes that I would make some headway with them, but alas, no, that is not to be.  She shuffled through a few papers, and then tells me that there are still THREE more submissions that were from FEBRUARY that haven’t cleared yet.  Um, why haven’t you called???  So she says she will call me back either today or tomorrow.  Well, I know what that means.  I will be calling again tomorrow.
Ok, now that’s off my chest, I am going to go wake him up and get some Denny’s! :p

Eternity Collars vs. Ring Of Steel

Communication: They both have responded to me in a timely manner.  That is true.  However, Ring Of Steel definitely sends more informative, personable e-mails.  Eternity Collars sends brief business-like e-mails.  Ring Of Steel wins.
Packaging: Eternity Collars ships their collars in a plastic ziplok baggie within a padded envelope.  Ring Of Steel wraps their collars in tissue and fleur-de-lis wrapping paper with a full color business card.  Ring Of Steel wins.
Cool extras: Ring Of Steel included some polish for my collar.  Eternity Collars included an allen key set within a special holder that hangs off of my key ring.  Eternity Collars wins.
Pricing: Eternity Collars sells their polished steel collar for $85.  Ring Of Steel is currently selling theirs for $65, due to the economy.  Ring Of Steel wins.
Options: Ring Of Steel offers metals other than steel, closures other than the allen screw, offers more sizes, and will also do custom sizes.  Eternity collars offers different finishes for their steel collars, including my favorite, matte black. Tied.
Product Quality: Eternity collars are sturdy; however, Ring Of Steel has a smoother finish where the hinges are, and where the allen screw is.  Ring Of Steel wins.
Returns: Eternity Collars will allow me to return my collars.  Ring Of Steel seems to only offer exchanges.  Eternity Collars wins.
Eternity Collars: 2.5 out of 6
Ring Of Steel: 4.5 out of 6. 
Ring Of Steel wins!


Life.  What is it all about? 

Ring Of Steel delivery…

I think the collar is going to be here tomorrow!  Oh I hope so…

Saturday is gone too fast…

All day… I have been wanting a coke, and another raspberry mocha.  Hm.  Too many calories in both of those.  I’ll get an iced nonfat sugar-free mocha at Peet’s later.  And, I’ll settle for a Diet Coke or a Coke Zero.  Meh.  It will do.  🙂  So my aluminum Turian collar is on its way.  I wonder when I will get it.  I really hope it fits.  I like the concept of a lighter-weight collar.  Waaaiiitiinnnggg


Had a very relaxing time in Sausalito.  It was so nice to go in the middle of the week, with less tourists!  All I can say is, if I had the $$$  I would live here.  Really.  It is one of the most beautiful little towns I have ever seen.  We overate at this swanky restaurant, and I tried Brie cheese for the first time.  Tastes a bit like foot ha.  Anyway.  We walked around until it got dark, and walked around some more.  We got up in the morning surrounded by chilling fog.  It was awesome!  I loved it.  Maggie, however, did not.  The only good thing to eat at the hotel’s breakfast are the cinnamon rolls, so I scarfed down 2.  Nom nom.  After we ate, we went out into town again and enjoyed watching the shops open for the day.  I have also come to realize that Starbucks has really spoiled me when it comes to coffee.  I am so used to their bold roast, that any other coffee (except for Peet’s) tastes like water.  Wierd.
I was reluctant, but we had to head back home.  When we got home, the smaller size turian collar I ordered had arrived.  Too damn snug!  I could wear it if I wanted to, but not 24-7.  Too snug.  Damn.  So I have sent it back.  I discovered that another reputable company makes aluminum collars.  Nice.  They also sell more sizes.  I ordered a 13 3/4" and hopefully that will fit.  The one I have fits, but it is actually a tad loose.  We’ll see.  Either way, I am most likely going to end up with the aluminum collar, since it is so much lighter, and less weight on my neck. 
Welp, that’s all for now.  I will let you know how the aluminum collar works out!

While Waiting For Frank To Come Home…

I never went to my neighbor’s Pampered Chef party…  I feel kinda bad, but in all honesty, a friend stopped by, and I also was just not up to being social.  I also returned two shirts to Hot Topic, and they totally hooked me up with a fat store credit!  Niiice… 
Saw Jennifer’s Body last night.  Not bad.  Megan Fox is a very good looking girl, but… honestly, so many girls look like her, so I am not impressed.  Show me a girl that is unique, and then I will be impressed. 
I attended my first roller derby tonight.  It was alot of fun!  I am totally going to go again.  A friend met up with me there, and we had the best time chatting and cringing when one of the girls would hit the floor.  Boom!  Ow… 
I am vacillating between whether or not to order the smaller size eternity collar.  I like the one I have, but I wonder if the petite one would be less… I dunno.  I hate when I get like this.  I buy something, and then I second-guess.  I don’t feel too bad, because this is my first eternity collar ever.  However, I initially bought the flat black one, which was my fave, but whatever blackening chemicals they used on it made it smell alot, so I exchanged it for a stainless one.  And this one is comfy, but I wonder if I would look better with the smaller one… Gah. 
Oh poo I am going to do it.  Won’t cost me anything, since I will be returning whichever one doesn’t fit… And I already spoke to the owner, who is cool with me figuring this out…

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