Yays.  I have tomorrow off!  I couldn’t wait to get out of work tonight.  So here I am, blogging away, with my free, well earned pumkin spice latte to my left.  Yep.  So I made a mad dash to the mall TWICE in 2 days.  Yes, I am loopy.  Yesterday was to use a coupon for FREE stuff that was expiring yesterday.  Today was for no good reason at all, except to get this hoodie I was lusting after that I saw online last night.  Used my tip money for it, so I am good with that. 
My tattoo is all healed up and I love it!  Love love love.  Funny thing; I could have worn a proper bra for the ENTIRE time it was healing.  Yea.  Dumbbbb…
Since my plastic phone case has been slowly cracking off in bits, I am on the lookout for a cell phone lanyard.  I think I can fashion one from the things I have lying around here.  Then I can… hang it off my neck when I have no pockets to put it in! 
So I have realized a couple of things, and I am feeling good about it, because instead of having someone (a caring loving someone I am sure) point out something about me TO me, I have figured out a couple of things on my own.  First one is that my well-intentioned friendship with my old ex just isn’t going to happen.  And that’s ok.  I tried, and though I feel that it was all really bad timing, it isn’t working out.  Second one is that I finally realized that I can be happy, truly happy, about my relationship again.  For quite awhile I really wasn’t, and with good reason.  And even after the many talks and such, the epiphany didn’t hit.  But, it did… as I was driving down 65 to work today.  And it made me smile.  I no longer have anything to worry about.  We are together, stronger than ever, he has realized stuff, so have I, and it’s great.  I can feel like I did when we first started hanging out.  Wow.  This is going to take some getting used to.  🙂 

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