A Fruitless Morning

I went to Placer Spine And Body yesterday to drop off some paperwork, because in all fairness, they totally owe me alot of money, and it has been months.  I am talking like, more than 6.  This is ridiculous.  I was talking to Frank about this, and he is right; Northern Californians are just dumb people.  They are just too dumb to figure stuff out.  I have been waiting and waiting, and no phone call, nothing from them.  As soon as I get my refund and I put it back on my credit card, I am totally going to badmouth them to everyone I see, all over the internet, to the Better Business Bureau… wherever I can.  They are total morons.  I purposely woke up early in hopes that I would make some headway with them, but alas, no, that is not to be.  She shuffled through a few papers, and then tells me that there are still THREE more submissions that were from FEBRUARY that haven’t cleared yet.  Um, why haven’t you called???  So she says she will call me back either today or tomorrow.  Well, I know what that means.  I will be calling again tomorrow.
Ok, now that’s off my chest, I am going to go wake him up and get some Denny’s! :p

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