Alot Of Stuff.

I have been working alot of closings lately.  I don’t really mind… I get to stay up late, which I prefer.  I have an interview with another Starbucks store manager this upcoming Wednesday.  Apparently in order to work myself upwards, one of the steps that I need to take is "Second Store Experience".  So, if things were to work out, then I might end up being a shift supervisor over there.  We’ll see.  Not if they want me to be an opener.  I just can’t do it.  I just won’t do it, actually.  Anyway.  We’ll see what happens.
I had quite a topsy turvy weekend.  I saw Zombieland Friday night, and it was one of the best movies that I have seen inawhile.  LOVED it! My period started yesterday, and I also had a headache that got progressively worse as the night wore on.  Cramps were also of no help whatsoever.  We started the day out by going to the Loomis Eggplant Festival, which was actually quite fun.  Then we went to the Arden Mall, and we met up with a couple of friends.  I already was starting to feel out of it, and began to wish that I had stayed home instead.  I used a bit of my store credit towards a Bauhaus tee and a pair of red striped tights at Hot Topic.  Essentials.  ;p  Then we went to Olive Garden, and I got the minestrone soup and a cherry coke that must have been one of the most delicious Cherry Cokes EVER.  Really.  It was so tasty!  Then we all decided to go to midtown Sac, and walk around for awhile.  At this point I was so exhausted that I was merely trying to make small talk and just follow them around like a puppy that has no clue where it is.  We walked uup to this one place called Harlowe’s that was supposed to be a nightclub but looked more like, well, just kinda ordinary.  So we all walked back to Rick’s and had pie.  Which ended up being more fun.  At about 10, I was so shot, that I really needed to be home.  As soon as I got home, I just went upstairs and crashed at 10:30.  My head was throbbing, my lower abdomen was cramping, and I was so tired.  Then I got up at 9 the next morning, took a shower, had some breakfast, and then went over to my friend’s house to help her clean her apartment.  Then I shot back home, got ready for work, and then off to work! 
I have also realized that I have to figure out why the heck I am freaking out.  I mean, yes I have been through alot in the last few years, but… what is going on?  Why haven’t I "bounced back"?  Have I gone too far?  Will I ever come back?  I am anxious about this.  Very much so. 
I am still saving up for Kat Von D to tattoo me.  I almost swayed and had someone here tattoo me, but I thought better of it.  I want her to do it.  I just finished a (glass) bottle of Pepsi Natural.  Yep.  Wish Coke would come out with a natural.  Really, really, wish. 

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