Did another closing tonight.  Right now I am tucked away in a blanket, watching River’s Edge.  I really love this movie.  I am hungry, trying not to eat.  Bler.  My bangs are growing out again.  Hair is getting alot longer again too.  When I have my hair in braids it looks longer to me for some reason.  Hm.  All of a sudden I feel kinda sick to my stomach.  Maybe because I am so hungry. 
I finally tried on the Bauhaus tee I got Saturday.  It looks awesome.  Love it!  The emo kids have taken away alot of what made goth different.  Hm… They took… Black eyeliner, black clothes, um… Other stuff.  I thought I knew, but I forget now.  But… I really hate being mistaken for an emo.  My issue is this: I like to wear clothes that are comfortable.  I can wear a corset, but only for a few hours.  How can chicks wear those all day? I want to try a waist-cincher and see if that is more feasible.  And all that eyeliner… If I wipe my eyes just ONCE, then it’s ruined.  Right now I have road tested mascara, and so far I found a brand that I can wear that doesn’t wipe off.  Working on my eyebrows now. 
I am really trying to stop swearing.  I am tired of looking crass. 
Sigh.  Work again tomorrow.  Man I am lazy.  I really wish that I was filthy rich and just hung out all day.  Terrible, isn’t it? 

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