Thanksgiving Day

Gilbert was here for the week.  Time passed so quickly, and now he is already on his way to go back East.  We went to San Francisco, where I got an opportunity to have Gilbert share a vegan meal with me, which was a very enjoyable one!  We also went to Reno, and this time it was most fun. 
Today was Thanksgiving.  My neighbor Lisa is a kind person who invited two more people (Frank and me) to an already bustling household that she was cooking for.  I had a great time.  I made sure to bring coffee and yummies.  We ended up poring over all the Black Friday sales, trying to figure out where the best deals were to be had.  Honestly, I am going to save my money.  I am going to L.A. very soon, and I much rather spend my hard earned money there. 
As for Christmas/Yule, well, I am working on that.  As much as they say no, I am determined to send a little something to my family.  I made it a point to call my mom, sister, dad, grandmom, my brother, and even my half-brother for a quick hello on my lunch break today.  Oh, did I not mention that I worked today?  Yea.  At least I got time and a half.  I am also working tomorrow, which I have been warned by my well-meaning new coworkers is going to be bananas.  Black Friday and all.   Let’s just say that I am really looking forward to Saturday.  I am going to make sure that I squeeze in some me-time.  I have a book that I really want to pay attention to. 
I am thankful that I have a job that not only gives me unlimited free coffee, but also provides me with affordable healthcare.  I am thankful that I have a nice neighbor like Lisa who always tries to include me when she can.  I am thankful that my family is all in good health.  I am thankful that I can sit here quietly, and listen to the gentle tick-tock of all the wonderful clocks in my home. 
I have sent Frank my incomplete Christmas wish list.  Wait… I just thought of something else that I should add to it!


Never reveal or share anything with a group of people without sharing it with your spouse first.

Sick Sunday

Oh my… I feel so sick today.  I wonder if I will be well enough to work tomorrow?  Yikes. 
I bought something for the first time from Forever 21 yesterday.  After perusing the store, I really like it.  It’s like… Walmart for goths.  There are more gothy clothes in this shop than Hot Topic.  Nice.


So… A friend is coming out to visit for Thanksgiving, and ANOTHER friend may also be coming out sometime in December!  I am excited!!!


I worked a 10+ hour shift today.  I had nothing else better to do, so I stayed to help out.  I definitely need to get better insoles. 

Sunday Night

I am really enjoying the new Starbucks.  I am going to like it better.  It is getting colder now… I love that.  All night, I could smell the fireplaces burning wood everytime a customer opened the door. 

Ok.  I am getting pretty frustrated with myself.  I have been experiencing alot of different stuff in my life since I met him and moved myself out to California.  No blaming here; it’s all about what is up with me.  I mean, really.  Yes.  I understand that there are going to be problems in my life, just like everyone else’s, but… What the heck is going on here?  I don’t understand how I have changed.  Yet, I know I have.  And I don’t like who I have changed into.  In all honesty, I hate it.  I am tired of swearing… It only makes me look crass.  I am tired of complaining.  It is so easy to do… I have fallen into the habit.  I know that it has to do with the fact that I have no friends and that all I do is hang out with Frank all the time when I am not working.  I used to hang out with friends, go out to the Inkwell, go laugh at terrible poetry at coffeehouses… eat dinner at my mom’s and visit my sister in NYC.  All I do here is sit on the damn computer, go to work, or sit around with Frank, wondering what to do next.  What a sad life.  And I made it this way.  I don’t miss New Jersey; I miss being myself.  I want to be more independent here. 
I am going to do what I have to do to get back to me.  I want to have a real relationship with Frank, with no baggage.  I want friends that I can see whenever I want.  I want to go places.  That is where I am going to focus.  More tattoos. 
I need some time to think… So, I am going to see how I can do that.