Another One Bites The Dust

Another yukky day off.  Tiredness and headachey all freaking day.  Frank was extra nice to me and tried to make me feel comfortable.  All I wanted to do today was shop and relax.  Sigh.

I lost!

I knew it!  It’s ok though… I can get myself whatever I want with my citibank rewards… Time to pay off my credit card in full though… Getting too high…

No more credit cards Gah!

Um.  Currently bidding on a wallet on Ebay.  Woot.  A PURPLE one.  Bought a Coach purse yesterday without using my credit card.  All cash.  It felt good peeling off the bills, one by one…  Honestly the wallet was so cheap on Ebay that I thought I would be outbid.  But… it looks like I might win, with 5 minutes left and all.  Luckily I do have the money for it haha.
I really really want to not use my credit card.  I just don’t make enough $ to not have it.  Poo.

Waste of a day

I really wish that I had thought things out better.  I hate being impulsive, and so I am going to work on being less so.  I wasn’t thinking that I was being impulsive, but the way things have turned out it seems like I don’t know myself so well.  I am disappointed in myself.
I really do not feel like being cooped up in ths house today.  But, where the hell would I go?  One friend I have I can’t hang out with at all anyway, and the other one wants to go out and I slept like shit last night, so I doubt I will see her. 


I have noticed a trend.  My first day off usually SUCKS physically.  Mentally I am psyched.  But, I usually end up feeling like SHIT.  It is getting annoying. 
I woke up today, very tired, but otherwise feeling good.  We had all planned on going to get breakfast, go to a home show at the convention center, and do a little shopping.  We got to Pancake Circus, and it was busy, so we actually got seated in the back room.  Now, I have been to Pancake Circus before.  It is run down, and probably the carpet hasn’t seen an actual vacuum in years.  Frank and I would joke around about the run-down condition of the place, but it was not too bad, or else we would never eat there.  But, the back room is DISGUSTING.  It is so filthy… I just couldn’t enjoy my breakfast, which sucks, because they make the best pancakes there.  I was the first to arrive at the table that was going to be for us, and if I could have, I would have requested a front room booth.  As I made my way to sit, I noticed that there was a knotty clump of hair stuck to the seat.  I grabbed it and tore it off and threw it to the floor.  Gross.  I nearly gagged.  I also brushed off crumbs, which also made me nearly gag.  Sigh.  The blueberry pancakes were so damn tasty.
Then we went to midtown to the convention center to go to a free home expo, which ended up being pretty interesting.  I sat in on a lecture about using worms for composting.  After we left there, we walked to the capitol building and wandered around inside.  It was then that I started getting tired.  I was practically yawning my head off, I was so tired!  I had only been up for a few hours, wtf?  Soon after, my headache started creeping in. 
We went off to go shopping, and I was growing more tired, and my headache was growing stronger.  I also was getting hungry.  I asked to stop at a Starbucks, hoping that a snack and caffeine would help.  The blueberry scone staved off the jitters, and the caffeine helped fight off the yawns.  Still had a bitch of a headache though.  I did the best I could.
I am now relaxing at home, downing a protein fruit smoothie.  I am so exhausted.  Bah.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Staring At The Wall, Wondering

I cannot fathom why it is so difficult for people to be people.  Now I know why my friend Ilana loves to use the word "inappropriate"!

New Year’s Eve

Waiting.  Two hours until New Year’s Day.  Just ordered myself a pair of cuffs from Eternity Collars.  Late Merry Christmas to me.