Finally getting my butt down to Asylum tonight.  Should be fun.  Hopefully my headache will die down by then…  So Frank and I think it’s sinus/allergy related… At least I have something to work with now, hopefully I can find a way to minimize them!  Gah!
Alright.  Time to go make a sammich for work, and pack a bag to go change at Blair’s. 
Please headachey head go away!!!

Time Escapes Me…

My birthday was AWESOME. 
Days off are wierd for me…  I never accomplish everything I want to do.  I always feel like I am going in several different directions.  For example; I work hard at my job.  So, I want to relax.  I also want to do things that I normally have no time to do, like hit up the mall, or see a friend.  I also want to have time alone, since I don’t live alone, and I am constantly surrounded by people at work.  I want to wear clothes that I normally don’t get to wear, since I wear what I wear to work 5 days a week, I only get 2 days to wear what I want. 
Here is what I propose I do:
  • Out of the 2 days that I have off, dress up for one day, and wear comfy clothes the other day
  • make sure that I take a nap or sleep in on my days off
  • give myself at least a couple of hours of alone time to putter around

Hopefully that will work.  And no skipping breakfast to save time to hurry out the door!  Makes me feel unwell. 

Day 4 of 6.

Today was nice because I went into work later than usual.  I was able to go to lunch with Frank and a friend.  I was looking at my schedule next week, hoping that there would be another late day, and there is on a Sunday.  Yus! 
Welp, tonight went well at work.  Here’s to hoping the next 2 go quickly.

Day 3 of 6

Got my mum’s package in the mail today.  I opened it, and there was a BUNCH of stuff.  I am just keeping it all in the box and taking it with us into the city and open it on my birthday.  Frank dropped by my work today and brought me a rose.  I was so happy!  I hope this is a continuing trend… Because I LOVE it…
So it’s on.  Frank booked a hotel room in SF, and I am counting down the days until Saturday morning arrives.  Then we are off!  Gilbert is going to Maggie-sit, so we have nothing to worry about.  I have $ saved up to treat myself to something.  🙂  Frank is going to buy me a prezzie at the outlets, and we are going to find someplace fabulous to eat.  I am so excited! 
It’s funny how I have such a great weekend planned, and yet I have to work 6 full straight days until then.  I finished Day 3 today.  Siiiiiiiiiigh…

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day:  It is a waste of time for me to even think about it. 
my sister: She doesn’t understand why I am upset about her snatching away the offer of coming out to see her.
my mum: She started drinking again years ago, and now she is in the hospital because she was vomiting blood.
Sure… I can just "not care".  Then yes, of course, nothing would bother me.  But that is not me.  It is bothering me because look at what I wrote.  These are not little annoyances.  These are big issues.  Well, I am going to wash my hands of my sister.  That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, if you know what I mean.  And Valentine’s Day?  Well, yes that is an easy one to not care about.  My mum?  I am worried about her. 


Changed my birthday plans.  I think.  Ug.  I feel so restless.  I want to sleep, I want to sit and stare blankly at a wall.  What the hell?

Excited For My Birthday!!!

I am trying to plan for my birthday.  I would like to go to San Jose and go to the Winchester Mystery House and go on a tour, go to the Great Mall and hit up the Coach Factory outlet, go to Santana Row and window shop, and grab a delicious dessert at the Flames Diner.  So I am saving up all my tips to hopefully snag a sweet bag and a sweeter dessert!  Tee hee.

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