Pressing My Face

So…. I still have about $2300 to pay off on my credit card.  Hopefully I will get that paid off in… 6 months, maybe?  That’s going to probably not happen.  Humph.  Today was a shitty day.  My headache screwed me up, I really didn’t feel like going to work today either.  Hm.  I need to get more FullBars.  They are the only things that are stopping me from eating so much.  I am going to buy some more ASAP.  I am also going to buy some allergy medicine.  My headaches have to be coming from there. 
So minimize eating white bread and pasta, not eating much anyway, and keeping away from sugar are key.  I am also not going to have coffee past a certain hour if I am not planning on doing anything after work. 
So my ear is kinda tender.  I really hope that it is simply because of the new barbell, not because I need to have it bent more.  This is day 2 of having it in, and it is tender if I touch it.  Surprisingly, it is my older piericng of the 2 that is tender, not my newer one.  Hm.  I am pretty anxious about it.  I am going to try to not fiddle with it too much.  If it still hurts after a week, then I will go back to Sub Q. 
Ew.  I just started three paragraphs with the word "so".

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