I don’t what happened, but today… is a great day.  I woke up, cuddled Frank, he made me pancakes, I brewed some coffee, and I sat in the chair at the dining table  for 2 hours reading a melange of USA Today, the Sunday New York Times, and the Sacramento News & Review.  I read about the best place to get my eyebrows waxed (I am SO going!), all about the baristas in Sacramento (they all crowed about how much they HATE Starbucks… fuck off jeez).  and other fun stuff.  Work was totally fine.  It blew right by. 
Yay I get paid tomorrow!

What Sucks The Most About Where I Work

When there are 4 people in the room, and I am the only one not being directly spoken to, it is annoying.  I mean, why do you hate me so much?  Oh wait… I think I know why.  She’s a girl, I am a girl.  And for some reason, because I guess she knows that I am better than her, she hates me?  Is that it?  Do you think I am better looking than you?  It sucks.  I don’t need to be everyone’s buddy, and I certainly don’t WANT it.  However… We got to work together.  It is totally obvious when you don’t directly talk to me, but talk to the 2 other people.  Sheesh.  Then I send her on her lunch, and I go in the back to audit a till.  She totally hogs the desk, which has lots of room, and I have to use a little corner.  She is sitting… 6 inches away from me, and says nothing.  So as I am finishing up my till audit, I ask her what she is doing for Memorial Day weekend, to try to have a little chat, and she answers me, but that is it. 
I must have done something to piss her off.  I have no idea what it is, but I really don’t care, since we would never hang out outside of work anyway.  But I have to work with her… Gah! 

While Looking At Pictures Of Someone’s Baby

 So if I still not sure if I want to have kids, does that matter?  Alot of relationships are made or broken over this.  I am 35.  I mean, my time is VERY limited… like, I have about 5 good years left…  I am not married, I don’t really feel that I make enough to support myself, much less a baby.  And, whenever I think about waddling around pregnant and then going through the pain of childbirth, I get scared.  This is why it sucks to be in this kind of situation. 
I could not think about it and push it to the back of my mind, but that’s what I did for 35 years.  I don’t know.  I can’t force myself to be ready for something I am not.  I just feel like I should be wanting a child and be married and all that stuff.  But I don’t want it.  But, I want it eventually.  I feel like I am thinking like a 25 year old, like I actually have the luxury of time.  Men can have a baby whenever.  Their sperm doesn’t go bad for a long time.  Women however… And that SUCKS.


Well, I got outbid, and quite honestly, I wasn’t going to pay more than $350 for a scratched LOVE bracelet.  So I bit the bullet and paid $400 for one in better condition.  I was outbid by $5, and when you add up the $12 in shipping, I am only paying… $28 more.  So… yea.  And who knows… if I had continued to bid, I might have ended up apyong that much anyway.  And… I could have not had the chance to buy the one in better condition.  So it works out.
I like talking about mundane shit.  It is nice to not talk about drama and issues. 


So I settled on $350 as my max bid.  As for a Cartier bracelet to buy from an actual Cartier shop, I am going to save for a charity one.  I can save up for that.

Face The Music

I posted a question on TPF about my spending habits.  Sigh.  They are right.  No Cartier love bracelet for me.  That’s ok.  Either I have to save for it, and pay cash, or Frank will buy it for me one day.  🙂  For now, I am going to bid on this Cartier love bracelet that came out for a limited time in 1970.  Hm.  I am trying to think of how much I would actually pay. 


So… Um… I am bidding on a Cartier bracelet on Ebay.  Not one of the original ones, but a special one that was made back in 1970 for a limited time… So it was commissioned by Cartier.  It is only 18k gold electroplate.  But… right now I am bidding $250.  Heck of alot cheaper than $4000.  We’ll see.  I just did it to do it.  I sincerely doubt that I will win the bid.  I am just wondering how high I should go.  I really have no clue.  Maybe $300?  Hm. 

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