What Sucks The Most About Where I Work

When there are 4 people in the room, and I am the only one not being directly spoken to, it is annoying.  I mean, why do you hate me so much?  Oh wait… I think I know why.  She’s a girl, I am a girl.  And for some reason, because I guess she knows that I am better than her, she hates me?  Is that it?  Do you think I am better looking than you?  It sucks.  I don’t need to be everyone’s buddy, and I certainly don’t WANT it.  However… We got to work together.  It is totally obvious when you don’t directly talk to me, but talk to the 2 other people.  Sheesh.  Then I send her on her lunch, and I go in the back to audit a till.  She totally hogs the desk, which has lots of room, and I have to use a little corner.  She is sitting… 6 inches away from me, and says nothing.  So as I am finishing up my till audit, I ask her what she is doing for Memorial Day weekend, to try to have a little chat, and she answers me, but that is it. 
I must have done something to piss her off.  I have no idea what it is, but I really don’t care, since we would never hang out outside of work anyway.  But I have to work with her… Gah! 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 19:14:07

    Work is work. Its a job and most of us have them to support the things we need and like to do. working retail is a very diverse world. dont beat yourself up. its a coffee shop. you should be counceling people anyway. thats your thing


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