Save Money For Weird Girly Stuff

Work has been rough.  I am getting through it though, so that’s all that matters.  I really like closings.  I like never having to use an alarm to wake up.
Ever since I gave up my credit card to Frank, it has been so much easier.  I spend what I have and that’s it.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  I did use my Macy’s card the other day though.  However, it was for skincare stuff that I need.  I get rewards when I use my card, so I would like to get the money back.  I will definitely pay it off when it comes up!
So I have compiled a list of crazy stuff that I want. 
And I just got the new Tiffany catalog in… already I found something cool!  Gotta save.  Save save save.


I think eating out is a total waste of money.  From now on, I am no longer paying for more than one meal out a week.  That’s it.  I just poop it out the next day… Fuck it.


So here is what I figured out about me and cell phones.  I love the Lotus because it is pretty.  I love the Moment for what it can do.  Bah!  I think that I need to donate the Lotus or something.  Then that way I won’t be tempted to go back and use it.  I like using it, but knowing that the Moment can do more is appealing.  I dunno.  I guess I will go back to the Moment, and keep my Lotus as a back up.  I just think the Moment is so blah looking, lol!  I need a case or somethng for it.
I burned myself at work today.  Sucked.  Went to the hospital and they bandaged me up though, and gave me some good ol burn cream. 
I have the next two days off… Yes.  I am so looking forward to this.