Friday, and fuck you poseurs!

I like working Friday mornings and then having Saturday off.  Makes my time off seem so much more. 
Alot has been going on.  I have come to the realization that Starbucks management is not for me.  I do not like the pressure that is put upon me to perform, and the repercussions that follow if I do not.  It has made me miserable.  I have accumulated enough corrective actions in the course of a month or two, that if I were to receive another one, I could be fired.  I also do not like working at my current Starbucks, and have decided to step down from shift supervisor to barista and then transfer.  I know that I will take a paycut, but at this point in my life, my mental health is very important.  Sigh.  Now I am going to have to be even more careful with money.  That’s ok though.  Besides a possible Cartier purchase, I don’t forsee any other big expenses. 
I am going to get up tomorrow, and hit up 3 different Starbucks to see if they are in need of a barista.  I am going to go to the 2 that are here in my town, since it sure would be nice to not have to drive very far to go to work.  The 3rd one is Tony’s store, that I know for sure I have a position, but that I also know is a bit unstable by reputation.  Gah.  But, I already feel better. 
I finally sent my letter out to Glenn Danzig yesterday.  I bought some nice plain stationery, and I got 2 photos printed up to enclose in the letter.  Now I wait.  I have requested a week off from work next month, and I am planning to drive down to L.A. and meet up with him, if everything goes according to plan.  I am also going to check out a few other things, like real estate, possibly transferring to another Starbucks in the area, and all that jazz.  I am really tired of living up here.  I honestly do not feel that this is the best place for me and Frank.  We are too different, alternative, to be living out here.  At least in the L.A. area we would have better restaurants to go to, more places that we like to shop at, and lots of other stuff that we like to do. 
I would really like to start up a tattoo shop.  I think that would be super fucking awesome, and I know a good tattooist when I see one.  I am going to look into how much $$$ it would cost.  What the hell, it might just work.

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