My Day Off

Well I start at the other Starbucks this coming Monday, I guess.  I am glad to move and make a fresh start.  I am just going to be a barista, and that is fine.  I don’t fucking care to have the psuedo-responsibility of being a shift.  I do still love working for Starbucks, but realize that I don’t have enough of what they want in order to become a manager.  I am kinda sad about that, because I was hopeful that I would make it to ASM and make some decent $$$ and all that.  But… I guess not.  Who knows maybe I can start again.  But for right now, no. 
I want to start up a tattoo shop one day; a fucking good one, not some dinky rat hole like the majority of them are.  I don’t know when it will happen, but one day it will. So I am working out what to do on this trip to L.A.  Now that I am most likely going alone, I need to reassess.  I might just take a flight down there, and figure out transportation later.  Like, maybe using the buses and shit.  Or I might take the train.  That would be fun.  

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