Friday Night Thoughts

Just got off of work.  Dropped off a pumpkin spice latte to Frank at work, got home, promptly got out of work clothes into some comfy stuff, and plopped myself here with my own pumpkin spice latte. 
I really enjoy working with this new team at the Starbucks at Pleasant Grove and Fairway.  I would go so far as to say that out of the 3 different Starbucks stores I have worked at, this is my favorite.  I fit in immediately, and it felt as comfortable as my favorite tee shirt lol!
So I am going to spruce up my wings on my back.  I feel like they need to be a little blacker, and I want Ronnie to lengthen the wingtips a bit.  I am excited to get that done.  I am also considering getting a half sleeve on my right arm.  I definitely want to add to the roses on my right arm, that’s for sure.  I want to add the phrase that I want, and also a ram skull or some sort of animal skull.  Maybe a wolf skull, we’ll see.  For a little while there I was considering the Danzig skull, but I much rather do something more subtle than that.  I am brewing up something good, that’s for sure.  I see getting tattooed as a hobby of mine.  It is winding down though; I am keeping my right leg completely free of tattoos, and I have used up all the areas (except my wrists) that I want to get tattooed.  I am going to expand the art on my right arm, and then that is going to be it, pretty much.  I am not going to do anymore to the kitty on my left leg; just a touch up.  I am also not going to add anything else to my left arm either. 

So There!

Oh, and I am drafting another letter to GD.  This time, I am going to be more forward, and talk about my longtime following since the Misfits and all that.  What the hell, if he doesn’t respond, then I am at the same point where I started, so what have I got to lose?  So here is a pic of GD around the time that his album "Circle Of Snakes" came out (2004).  See that woman in the far corner?  That was his girlfriend at the time.  Wow!  Any more plastic in her and she should be boxed up like a Barbie.  So I feel better, believe it or not.  Why?  Well, I only want to be friends with him, and I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding.  And since this is his "type", I’ve got nothing to worry about.

Sunglasses Update!

I totally forgot to update the status of my lost sunglasses!  I had lost them on Tuesday, and on Thursday morning Frank and I walked to Target to see if anyoen had turned them in to the lost and found.  We were also retracing my steps to see if they had fallen on the sidewalk somewhere.  So we get inside Target, and I ask if they had seen my sunglasses.  And they had them!!!  It was amazing.  Frank and I were both very surprised. 

I Am Very Frustrated.

Frank found me these really nice RayBans.  I loved them.  They fit great, they were a style I loved.  And now they are gone.  Lost.  I freaking held onto these the best I could… I made it to L.A. and back without losing them… Yet I walk to Target and somehow I lose them.  But the part that upsets me the most is that I really didn’t think I had lost them.  I really thought that I had plopped them on the table where I usually plop them when I got back from my walk to Target.  Only now am I realizing, after both Frank and I searching high and low in the house for them… only now do I realize that I never "plopped" them anywhere when I got back from Target.  That is why I upset; of course I am upset that they are gone, but I am doubly upset that I screwed up and mentally thought I had them.  That is what is screwing me up here.
I am hoping that I will find them tomorrow when I retrace my steps.  But I sincerely doubt I will find them.  I am quite positive someone has plucked them up.  They were some damn nice sunglasses.