So There!

Oh, and I am drafting another letter to GD.  This time, I am going to be more forward, and talk about my longtime following since the Misfits and all that.  What the hell, if he doesn’t respond, then I am at the same point where I started, so what have I got to lose?  So here is a pic of GD around the time that his album "Circle Of Snakes" came out (2004).  See that woman in the far corner?  That was his girlfriend at the time.  Wow!  Any more plastic in her and she should be boxed up like a Barbie.  So I feel better, believe it or not.  Why?  Well, I only want to be friends with him, and I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding.  And since this is his "type", I’ve got nothing to worry about.

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