braces day two

Day two. There is one bracket that is sticking out a bit more than the others. I am trying to resist putting wax on it because if I put wax on it now, then that particular area will never toughen up and I will always be putting wax on it.
I am being more aware of reapplying my chapstick. It seems like my lips are drier than usual.
I am distracting myself by trying to find a way to get my Cartier bracelet for cheaper. Tax in San Francisco is very fucking high. 9.5%, to be exact. At the King Of Prussia Mall, the tax is 3%. I would save $300 in taxes. Quite a lot. I am trying to implicate my friend in my scheme.
I am tired of trying to invite myself along. I remember when I used to have a lot of friends. Now it is like pulling teeth to get people to invite me along or to get them to do something. Annoying as hell. I have so much trouble making friends here why is that? Have I changed, and I don’t realize it?
Well, I am going to make some changes and see if it works.

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