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Record of Spending for January

I woke up before the alarm today, and it wasn’t because I had to use the bathroom.  I woke up because I had slept enough.  I honestly have not done that in a very long time.  It put me in a very good “start of the day” mood!

Work was good.  The atmosphere there has improved, and I think it has alot to do with holiday being over.  I honestly would take a vaca from Black Friday until mid-January if I could afford it.  It is so horrible there during that time.  Ugh.

So this not spending thing is not working out so good. 

So far this month, I have spent $3600 on a used Cartier bracelet, about $200 on a weekend in SF, and about $100 on a Valentine’s Day present.  What a month.  Luckily, this won’t be happening next month.  I have my birthday in February, and I am keeping it cheap.  I have my sister’s birthday in March, my mum and my brother in April, a friend in July, anniversary in August, Frank in September, and my dad and Christmas in December.  Other than that, there is no other spending.  Gah.  Wait… I KNOW there is a baby shower gift coming up REAL soon for my brother and his wife… Oi!  Here is how it going to roll: I CANNOT use my credit card.  I used my credit card for my bracelet, and I used my credit card for about half of the weekend’s expenses in SF.  Luckily I did not use my credit card for the Valentine’s Day gift.  Well, I did, but I am changing the gift because I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE USING MY CARD.  Oi.  I get unhappy when I use my credit card.  It is one thing to use it for an emergency, like when my car battery was dying, and I didn’t have $180 to shell out to replace it.  That’s no problem.  I feel guilty now when I use it for stuff.  Sigh.  This is why I ned a better job.  I have champagne tastes on a beer budget.  Dang.


Reading Crome Yellow. So far, I like it. I had started with 20,000 Leagues, but it is too stilted for me to read right now.
I must try to think if ways to improve my mood and thoughts. Went for a walk, and started talking about stuff that pissed me off at work today; notably, a customer being a total jerk to one of our newest partners. My conversation ended at the house with how hard it is for me to not be affected by others.
I hate it. It brings me to tears sometimes.
My nook needs to be charged. I am eager to continue reading Crome Yellow.
Apparently there is a good chance that the first Cartier bracelet I bought may not have been a fake. Not that good of a chance though; I find it odd that the service receipt was from November last year, and then 2 months later it makes its way from Japan to Florida to a jewelry shop. Hm. Lots of travel for a little bracelet.
I don’t think I have lost any weight this week. Damn. I don’t want to lose, I want to win the money!

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The Truth

I like getting off early.  I am just not a fan of work, sorry!

Frankie Says Relax

Having two days off in a row is AWESOME.  I have the same two days off this upcoming workweek.  Loving it. 

Day one: I was quite tired from a long week of work.  Who knows, maybe this week was different because I never fully recovered from my weekend in San Fran with a friend.  Anyways, I digress.  Got alot of stuff done, and when Frank went off to work, I had the place to myself for a good number of hours.  I lolled around on my bed, with a cozy blanket, idly watching tv, and getting up the gumption to go DYE MY HAIR ALREADY.  It needed to be done, let me tell ya.  But I was able to relax.  It seems in my life that either I am working, or running around doing chores, or running up to go hang out.  No relaxing.  Or I am sleeping.  Relaxing is so IMPORTANT, and I am FINALLY learning how to do it proper. 

Day two: I had slept nearly 10 hours, and it was much needed, let me tell you.  I woke up refreshed.  It was so awesome.  I was finally RELAXED.  We went out to do do a few things, one of them namely being… PRESENTS!!!  Hee hee.  We went to Tiffany’s, and I picked out his Valentine’s Day present, and he picked out my birthday present.  PSYCHED.  I have to admit, I do love a man that enjoys Tiffany’s as much as me.  I really do.  I did have a momnet on the way home where I got pissed off about the DUMBEST thing, and then, as I was getting back into his car, SOMEHOW the strap on my bag looped around my coffee cup in the center console holder, pulled it towards me, and I spilled coffee.  Inside the Bimmer.  All I could think of was how mad he was going to be in about half a second.  Surprisingly, I got WAY more upset than him; I suppose I was anticipating it from him, so I guess I was trying to beat him to the punch?  Stupid thought process?  Yes.  As soon we pulled into the garage, I leaped out of the car, grapped baby wipes, and got to work cleaning it up.  It looked as though my wool coat had taken the brunt of the spill, thank goodness.  Then I stomped upstairs, and sulked in one of the guest bedrooms, eventually falling into a nap.  He took it all rather well by cleverly ignoring me and letting me sulk alone.  Then after a few hours of chilling upstairs, we got all super dressed up to go to my coworker’s birthday dinner.  It was a very pleasant dinner, and I could tell that he really liked the gift I got him.  I had worried that I was to be the only one offering a  birthday gift, but luckily one of our friends saved the day and offered her birthday gift to him.  So I wasn’t the onyl one!  Phew that would have been a bit awkward.

That’s all folks.


Chilling to some freestly on Pandora right now.  SO 80’s haha.  Been a good day.  Got up, went to the chiropractor, FINALLY went to Denio’s, did some food shopping, treated myself to a caramel mocha, treated Frank to a cheeseburger, and treated Maggie to a plain hamburger.  Whoah that dog needs to be MONITORED when she has McDonald’s.  NOT KIDDING.  She is a 5 pound Chihuahua trying to make a MickeyD hamburger disappear.  DAMN. 

Finally caught up on all the New York Times and Wall Street Journals that I snag from work at the end of the night.  I read an intriguing article about how this guy decided to drive the same route that was driven in the famous movie Bullit

In case you have never seen the movie, it is a 10 minute madcap race through the streets of San Francisco.  Of course it was not possible to drive it in the EXACT same way, namely, speed-wise.  Nope.  Those cars were specially outfitted with shocks and supports and such in order for them to endure the rigors of that race.  Woudl have been cool to do though I might have cried the entire time like a baby haha.  Apparently you can Google the route, and do it yourself.  Have fun with that.

I posted this from my awesome BlackBerry!

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