so anyway…

It is going to be a rainy week. On the way to work this morning the rain was collecting in puddles on the highway. Even Anya shuddered on the road a bit. That was surprising.
Working the drive through window on a blustery day sucks. I enjoy the fact that I can close a window on them. My braces make it difficult to talk so it is a relief to not have to chitchat.
I am getting used to the braces. Of course a bracket fell off last night when I was brushing my teeth. I wasn’t surprised because it is a crown and it just doesn’t stick like a natural tooth. Hopefully they will be able to fix it on Tuesday.
Trying to plan for the holidays. I think I want to go to SF for Christmas. I know I want to go to Cartier. Yep. I want to be more in the holiday spirit. I am surprised at how customers are so grumpy this time of year. Kinda sad, actually. But I am trying. I am just tired of never spending christmas with my mom and sister. It is sad. So no matter what, I am spending Christmas with my family next year. I fucking hate spending it in California.
I have been slowly reading the Gospel Of Filth. It is incredibly interesting, but I have been having difficulty concentrating on it.

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