So I rush home, because the Love bracelet I had ordered from Ebay had arrived.  I was full of trepidation, because my boyfriend had opened it and expresed concern over the authenticity of it.  Well, he was right.  Damnit!  I spent $3100 on a damn good fake.  Luckily the seller has a 7 day return policy.  Sigh.

Of couse leave it to my boyfriend to find a real one on ebay. once I get my $ back from this joker I will try that one.  and if that one doesn’t work out, then off to Cartier I go.

I feel weird about my champagne tastes in certain things.  I  don’t  share my joy about finding a Coach bag for a good deal, or wanting a Cartier bracelet to people, because they can’t afford it or they are not interested in it .  Most people I tell about the  bracelet tell me what a waste of money it is and such.  I KNOW it’s expensive, but see?  I KNOW.  I just wish I knew someone else that understood why I want it.

And yet I buy my clothes at thrift stores, Walmart, and Forever 21.  Cheap.


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