It Was Okay

What I am noticing more and more is that time seems to be going by faster and faster.  Already my day off is nearing the end.  I am back at work tomorrow. 

I wonder; did today rejuvenate me?  A little. 

I didn’t have to drive much, but my car was driven, and I used up all the gas that I had gotten four days ago.  I was only able to afford to put in $12.  That kinda stressed me out.  I would have preferred to have had the car driven less.  I didn’t feel like talking much.  I wasn’t in a bad mood, I just didn’t want to talk much.  I guess I would have been alright with staying at home today.  We were out for the whole day, but it wasn’t too bad.  I hope that the bracelet I returned arrives back to them quickly, so that I can get my refund.  I hope that I win this current bid because I am pretty damn positive this is a real one.  A little apprehension there.  I think I would have liked to have napped today.  I think that I am going to go out less.  Stay home more.  I already shell out $$$ for the cable.  I can just sit at home and watch tv.  I don’t want to go out as much so that I am not tempted to spend money. 

I know that my boyfriend wants to go out.  I think that I feel like I have to go with him, but I rthink that overall, I was fine with going out, but I felt like we were out a bit too long.  I would have liked to have been back home to chill.


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