Chilling to some freestly on Pandora right now.  SO 80’s haha.  Been a good day.  Got up, went to the chiropractor, FINALLY went to Denio’s, did some food shopping, treated myself to a caramel mocha, treated Frank to a cheeseburger, and treated Maggie to a plain hamburger.  Whoah that dog needs to be MONITORED when she has McDonald’s.  NOT KIDDING.  She is a 5 pound Chihuahua trying to make a MickeyD hamburger disappear.  DAMN. 

Finally caught up on all the New York Times and Wall Street Journals that I snag from work at the end of the night.  I read an intriguing article about how this guy decided to drive the same route that was driven in the famous movie Bullit

In case you have never seen the movie, it is a 10 minute madcap race through the streets of San Francisco.  Of course it was not possible to drive it in the EXACT same way, namely, speed-wise.  Nope.  Those cars were specially outfitted with shocks and supports and such in order for them to endure the rigors of that race.  Woudl have been cool to do though I might have cried the entire time like a baby haha.  Apparently you can Google the route, and do it yourself.  Have fun with that.


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